If you want to be dealt with individually or with a friend (and in Dutch), you can pay a visit to me, the Dominant Mrs. Rose.


The location is in Arnhem and has two themes: "Homely" with a cozy living and bedroom. A shool table is present as well, for some private tutoring. There also are a "Prison cell" and a shower, which offers prison-play-scenarios, oriented towards spanking.


It's possible to arrange for a female spankee to join us, so you can be punished together and she could spank you as well.


I am 46 and a curly, positive, no drama and flexible woman and an experienced role player. I love spanking and everything to do with it. My arms and hands are strong (I am into sports like tennis and judo) and I like variety in materials and positions. I can be very Dominant and strict, but also sweet and caring.

I have a busy RL job (and a loving family), so I offer my services because I adore to play. Hence I am exlusively available for a few days every month. When you contact me, I will let you know my available time slots.


A session is €200,- and can take about 2 hours in all, the active roleplay/spanking will be around 60 minutes. Sessions with an extra spankee costs an additional €75,-. Before and after play there's enough time to have some refreshments and a chat.



  1. You read everything on this page, especially the FAQs.

  2. You email or call me.

  3. We succinctly discuss your wishes over the phone.

  4. When we both decide to proceed, I will send you  the available timeslots.

  5. You email or WhatsApp me when you would like to visit.

  6. I confirm our appointment by email or WhatsApp and send you the address.

  7. You send me a message on a day close to our appointment you are still intending to come.

  8. You give me a ring when you arrive on the agreed place and I open the door.