The next event will be post-COVID-19,

when it's safe to be in groups again.

Our aim is to have a school weekend with 6 to a maximum of 12 pupils. It can be 1 or 2 nights, depending on the wishes of the participants (noted down when enroling, then planned).



Together we will play out a typical British (boarding-)school in the 1950’s. There will be a uniform inspection, strict classes, a school lunch, detention and a session in the study. If you misbehave in any way, you will be dealt with accordingly. Punishments can include corner time, writing lines, verbal humiliation and corporal punishment. You could be punished in front of the whole class, bare bottom exposed and marked. Just like in the 50’s.



Without giving away too much, we can tell you it will be a little different from the third edition. There will be roleplay time and time to recover, chat and play some games. But there will  still be high standards regarding behaviour and academic performance during roleplay. Less exams, more class and detention.


In order to make sure everyone will be in time for class, you will have to arrive on Friday evening at about 9pm. That evening we will chat, get acquainted with each other, play some appropriate group bonding (no ropes ;) games, etc. You will sleep in actual bunkbeds.

The next day we will go in character (IC) and start roleplaying at 9 am, after a lovely breakfast. There will be many different classes in several subjects and teaching methods, lunch, study time, grading, punishments, detention, etc. Lunch will be out of character (OC), so you can catch your breath again, because we will keep you on your toes!

At the end of the day there will be an OC luxurious dinner party. In the evening there is room to recover, chat and play games. But we will go IC at 9.30pm, for "students’ bed-time": Lights out! Shhh! You will be punished… Until about 11pm. Then again; some time to relax with like-minded people.


The next day we will start school again at 10am (there will be a test!), have an OC lunch and play IC until about 4am.



Safety will be of a high standard and on all levels. Like formidable communication involving safewords, special  rules and rooms, teamwork, anonymity, behaviour protocols, etc. You will be informed about safety during your interview. You can ask the questions you might have then as well.



For the whole boarding  Weekend tuition is €195,- per student. This all includes costs for: a short preparatory interview by phone with Mrs. Rose (if you're not accepted there will be no costs), briefing, school materials, full boarding (magnificent breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks), guided roleplay and debriefing. The tuition for 1 boarding night is €110,- per student (Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday), to be coordinated when planning.

You may bring your own pyjamas/sleeping gown, but underwear and uniform are to be within the regulations.

Procedure for enrolment:

  1. Read this website extensively, especially this page and the FAQs.

  2. Email Mrs. Rose that you would like to attend the school day.

  3. Mrs. Rose will contact you to set a date and time for an interview over the phone.

  4. Both Mrs. Rose and yourself agree for you to attend an event at Rose Academy.

  5. You will receive an invoice by email.

  6. Pay the enrolement fee.

  7. You are now registered for the Rose Academy event and will receive the school tie on the morning of the school day.

Mrs. Rose spanks a naughty boy for perving.